Saturday, July 12, 2014

Conflicting Dating Messages

Someone did the numbers, there’s plenty of single people to go around dating-wise, except when you get to sixty, and older, then the women outnumber the men. Why are so many people home alone when they don’t want to be? Personally, I think it is conflicting messages.

Here’s just a few.

A random survey showed men photos of celebrities with and without their makeup. A large majority pick the sans makeup celebrity over 60% of the time. Consider that these are women who have professionals do their makeup. A little Photo Shopping may have helped too. The men complained about red lipstick and dark eye shadow being a turn-off. Okay, the message here is to go light on the makeup or no makeup at all.

Data from the online dating site, Zoosk, revealed the men message women wearing eye makeup more than any other ones. Those wearing lipstick were a close second. Women who went for the whole glam got more initial responses. The women who chose to go without makeup might have read the first part about men preferring a natural look. Plenty of articles out there about men preferring not to date done women. With complaints from the makeup getting on the men’s clothing to the red lipstick being scary.  What’s the deal here?

·         Men are liars.
·         Men like the idea of women glamming up for the initial photos. (They mistakenly think it is all for them. As opposed to the thousands who might see the photo.)
·         They believe celebrities look better w/o makeup than a normal woman would.
·         They can visualize themselves in an everyday relationship with a celebrity.
·         Different men were used in each survey
·         The Zoosk survey where the men wanted makeup focused on men in their 20’s & early 30’s. This age group is notoriously unsatisfied with their appearance. It’s no wonder they desired a woman glammed up. They may have viewed a done woman as a confident female. Of course, women know this isn’t true at all.

She's Hoping to Attract a Man Who Will Stick to Her
If you’re a celebrity watcher, the newest trend seems to be clothing that doesn’t really work as clothing allowing glimpses of underwear or even a person not wearing underwear. The wardrobe malfunctions are deliberate and often guarantee free publicity for weeks. Most of us don’t leave the house in a dress with a thigh-high slit sans undergarments. This info is more confusing than the makeup one was.

Online dating info reveals that women posed in provocative outfits do get more looks and responses. Before you strap on your bombshell bra and thong for a photo session. Read on.

·         Men are visual creatures. Of course, they look. They look at car wrecks and monster trucks too.
·         Often when they look, they are critical because they’ve seen too many air-brushed models
·         They assume women in super sexy outfits can be had on the first date or for the price of dinner.
·         Some men refuse to respond to such a woman because they’re shopping for a long-term relationship, not a one-night stand.
·         Other men may go out with cleavage flaunter, but will usually want her to dress more conservatively in public.

No matter what the celebs wear you have to consider your clothing blasts a message.  It is better to make sure you’re onboard with the message.

Actual Dating Profile Pics

 As for the duck lips or what women view as a sexy pout, no men found this attractive. It was usually viewed as a device for immature women who craved attention the way a caffeine junkie craves coffee. Read: high matienance.

There’s more mixed messages. I’ll save some for next time. If you’re wondering, the women send plenty of mixed messages too.

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