Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dating Grades

Ever felt like your date graded you?  A new app may result in you getting a passing grade to get a date. This new app is called The Grade. Women or men can run a dating profile through it. It uses algorithms to determine a grade.

It grades on:
·         Popularity- how many people have liked the profile or responded to it. (Sounds like high school all over again.)
·   The Message-it measures grammar, construction, and appropriateness. The vulgar candidate strikes out big time. The person willing to employ spell check or Edit Minion should do well.
·         If you earn an F, you’re gone.
·         A C grade will net you some helpful hints, rather like a wingman.

This App isn’t out yet. Would it be fair?  Most people should be able to read a profile and decide if the message is good or not. Same with popularity, it isn’t hard to figure a handsome, articulate man would be popular. The hints might be helpful.

The upside is it can scroll through profiles to pick out the best candidates. This would be helpful, especially since many people are relying on personal assistants in the online hunt for a date.  Is this all part of the hunt for the perfect person? Often people have more things they don’t want in a date than traits they do want. Are you finding reasons not to go out with someone? Often they’re legitimate and even instinctual. Are you even dating because you think you’re supposed to? It’s something to consider. Is The Grade a good app or another opportunity to shirk the responsibility of vetting your own dates?

If The Grade passed or even gave a sociopath high marks would it be liable? Con men or women always know what to say and how to say it. Would an app guard you against this? If someone appears to be too good to be true, then common sense tells you  he or she isn't honest or real. Would an app know this this or reward the profile with an A? 

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