Tuesday, May 20, 2014

15 Things that Chase Women Away

What can turn a handsome fellow into an ugly jerk on the first date or before? Cosmo magazine believes this list covers it. The comments are my own.

  1.     Aggressive or reckless driving.
If a guy is a jerk to anonymous drivers, it’s a cinch he’ll blow up at his date eventually. This is also a person with a victim mentality and takes everything personally.

  2.     A soul patch or goatee.
Trying too hard to be cool and not keeping up with the trends. Many balding men go with a goatee to prove they can grow hair somewhere. Most women are not impressed.

  3.     Wearing anything by Ed Hardy.
It is similar to number two. Ed Hardy attire’s natural habitat is on a teenage boy’s back.

  4.     Smoking.
It makes everything smell like smoke including your breath, hair, clothes, and your date.

5.     Calling all their friends “bro.”
It makes the man sound like a bad sitcom character. The one who tries to act like a hipster, but isn’t. It also demonstrates a level of immaturity that is unbecoming.

6.     Having no hobbies or interests.
Seriously, who has no hobbies or interests? Television is not an interest or a hobby. It shows a lack of imagination and provides no conversational tidbits. It screams boring.

7.     Not reading books.
This is very similar to six. It shows no intelligence or imagination. Once again, the woman has no way to connect with the man. She might pick a man who likes some of the same authors or genres.

8.     Bad manners.
Never pleasant, but the essential lack of manners can kill future dates.

9.     Bad grammar or spelling.
This usually shows up on online profiles. With spell check and grammar check on Word, there’s no excuse for this. Even Facebook corrects your spelling. It shows the man doesn’t care enough to make a good impression. It demonstrates a lack of ambition too. The man never tried in school and is not making any effort to move up the career ladder as demonstrated by his grammar and spelling.

10.   Being rude to servers, bartenders, or people who work in retail.
Some men think this is powerful behavior, but it is humiliating for the woman. The woman who the man is trying to impress may have been or is a waitress, bartender or works in retail. You can bet she knows somebody that does.

11.   Swearing a lot.
There are some professions were swearing is common. Even with that said, a date isn’t work. It is hard to differentiate between I’m swearing because I’m mad or I’m swearing because I’m the adult version of a junior high boy. Neither is popular.

12.   Indecisiveness.
This is the seemingly nice guy who can’t make up his mind what restaurant to go to or movie to see. Often, he’ll ask his date for ideas and still act unsure. Women like for men to plan dates. Mr. Indecisive ends up making the woman do all the work. If he can’t decide where to eat, how can he make life altering choices?

13.   Wearing a Bluetooth headset everywhere.
Oh yeah, men who look like aliens and carry on one-sided phone conversations in public are not impressive.

14.   Wearing a fedora.
I disagree! Some men look very good in a hat. The only problem is when they fail to take it off indoors. If he’s wearing the hat inside, there’s a good chance he took one of those pricy courses on how to attract women that advise wearing eye patches, colored contacts, hats, etc. to stand out from other men. He has more weird stuff to spring on a potential date courtesy of his course.

15.   Calling their ex “crazy.
There are two people in every relationship. The ex may have been crazy, but calling her that means the man fails to be accountable for his failure in the marriage. It also means any relationship that doesn’t work out will only be due the wacko female. Most women don’t want to play that role.
What traits do you think should be on the list?


  1. Ha! My husband has over half of those. LOL Maybe I should trade him in? ;)


  2. You love him & appreciate him, that's all that matters. Maybe you should show him the article to show him how he got lucky with you. :)

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