Sunday, February 8, 2015

Are You a Memorable Date?

Sure, a horrible date is memorable, but ideally, you want to be remembered as both fun and unusual, someone with a little extra oomph. The usual dinner out, or dinner and a movie, doesn’t has the same impact as a cooking class. A pleasant experience transfers and enhances the appeal of the date instigator.

A friend had a rather lackluster experience with her initial meeting with an online date. Her initial reaction was not to see the man again, until he suggested a murder mystery dinner. She decided he deserved another chance because he showed creativity and depth by his suggestion.

Different activities tend to stick in a person’s mind. What works also depends on the person. Reading profiles or gently inquiring before a date might give you some tips on the perfect date. Activities helps relax people and conversation flows more naturally.

1.       Cooking classes - Please make sure your date wants to do this. I deeply enjoyed my cooking class.
2.    Wine & Canvas - Participants create a work of art while sipping wine. The date has a souvenir of the shared date.
3.       Ghost walks - This works better in the summer or early fall. There is plenty time to walk and hold hands.
4.       Flying a kite - This can occur in a public park and capped off by a picnic.
5.       Comic-con - This only works if it is nearby and your date is a fan.
6.       Live theatre - This is a step-up from the movies.
7.       Symphony Under The Stars - Being outside, listening to wonderful music with a bottle of wine. Life doesn’t get much better than this.
8.       Miniature golf & arcade - Offer a small prize such as chocolate for playful competition.
9.       Visit a traditional piano bar - Make sure to request her favorite song.
10.   Go to baseball game and make sure to get a hot dog and Crackerjack.
11.   View an art gallery or the natural history museum together.
12.   Breakfast date - Bring breakfast and watch the sunrise together.
13.   Volunteer together at the animal shelter or a local community event.
14.   Go to the state fair together - Make sure to sample fair food.
15.   Discover local street festivals - The more unusual the better.
16.   The planetarium.
17.   Brewery or wine tasting - This only works if your date drinks.
18.   Apple picking - Most you pick it farms offer a hayride to the fields.
19.   Caving - There’s something majestic about caverns and caves. Make sure your date isn’t claustrophobic.
20.   The Dinner or Mystery Train - Plenty of locales have put old passenger trains back in service as a dinner theatre train.
21.   Ice Skating-This only works if at least one can skate.

There’s much more, but that’s another blog.  A great time results in future dates. Be the fun date, not the forgettable one.

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