Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Dirt on Men

The Dirt On Men
Real questions with real men answers

Okay ladies, I have some burning questions that some of you want to know the answers. I have bona fide male answers from intelligent men. Maybe your man won’t always match up, but the answers shocked me.

1. Does a man know when a woman is interested in him?

Sometimes, but usually not, men aren’t great ones to pick up on nuances like a woman. If a man isn’t the confident bad boy who thinks every woman is after him, he may mistake your eye contact, cheery hellos for just being friendly nothing more. Sometimes you just have to be more upfront, ask him out for coffee. Even then, he still might not get it especially if he’s an engineer.

2. Do men go out with women for the sole purpose of having sex?

Some do and you should recognize them immediately. Despite all the movies, most men will not jump in bed with a woman because they have fears too. Yes, men worry about their bodies and performance. Most men realize if they sleep with a woman, she does think it automatically means a relationship. Remember men can and do have sex with women they do not like and never want to see again. They do it for one simple reason; the woman is offering.

3. Do men only date women they can see themselves having sex or a relationship with?

Men are not your gay best friend. They do not want to hang with you. A man will date a woman a couple of times to get a feel for her. If there is a third date it is more of a deciding date that he does want to pursue a relationship with you. That’s why men get mad if you stop seeing them after the third date. They feel like they picked you, but you didn’t pick them.

4. How important are looks to a guy?

This is a tricky question. Men don’t want model-thin girls. In general, men want to feel like they’re the guy and he’s out with a girl. Dress like a female, a classy one. Wear a dress, fix your hair, put on makeup-this attracts the male eye. Don’t dress like a skank. If you dress like a ho, you will be treated like a ho. Men who are looking for relationship material, want a woman who looks nice not like someone who has turnstile on her bedroom door.

5. Does a man want someone at the same education level or job level as himself?

This doesn’t matter as much to a guy as it does to a woman. Part of the reason is because a man takes care of himself. He isn’t expecting to find a woman with a good job to take care of him. Honestly, you can only endure a dim bulb for so long. Smart men should avoid women who barely managed to snag a GED.

6. How does a man feel about a woman who already has children?

This depends on the man. Some men who never had children prefer a woman with children to give them the fatherhood experience. It depends on how active your ex is in your life and what is the level of conflict. No man wants to deal with an ex the kids are constantly throwing up in his face. Most men, especially older ones, would prefer no children. Their reasoning is that they raised their children, and they definitely do not want to raise another man’s children.

7. How do men feel about sex in the relationship? When do they expect it?

Men expect sex in a relationship. Do not push sex as a way to get a man to commit it will backfire. Sex needs to wait until you know the other person well. How long this takes differs, but it isn’t the third date. Yes, men will leave after having sex with you and not because you were bad at it. That is the way some men are—they’re players. If you waited to get to know them, you’d know this. Men respect women they have to wait for because they are the prize. Think of it like food. You can go to McDonalds and get something quick anytime of the day or you can go to a fine restaurant. With the restaurant, you make reservations, you plan ahead, you anticipate going, you dress up, you savor the food, you linger, then you remember the experience later. Do you want to be McDonalds or a fine restaurant?

Men really don’t carry what you look like naked. I know women don’t believe this. Women worry that a man might focus on her big rear, all the man cares about is that she’s bringing her big rear to him. Bring enthusiasm with you into the bedroom and that’s all the man notices. A man wants a woman who is excited to be with him. Nothing kills a man’s ardor like the martyr babe who is doing it just because he wants it.

8. What does a man want in a long time partner?

Someone who supports him and is not critical of him. A woman who thinks he really is the greatest guy in the world. A man can find people to tell him how he screwed up everywhere. He even tells himself that. What he needs in a relationship is that one person who has his back. Men want an equal partner. There is a great deal to be said for the two wage earner family. Women who are looking for a rich guy to support them while they hang out with their country club friends will find the pickings slim.

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