Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion Trends Men Don't Like


Let’s face it we resemble lemmings when it comes to fashion. Magazines, television, and advertisements are always informing of us what is hip, and what isn’t. We women are told men like particular fashions and we are quick to embrace them in hopes of catching a particular man’s eye.  


Bad news if you already have them, but guys believe tattoos don’t belong on females. They rather see a long uninterrupted expanse of skin. Tattoos become irrelevant in a couple of years. They fade…who knew you had to do upkeep.  The tattooed lady falls into a stereotype that a man often doesn’t feel comfortable dating according to the Ask Jeeves survey. (The surprising fact about this survey is most of the respondents were under thirty-five.)

Tanning and Tan Lines/Huge Hoop Earrings

Tanning is like weight loss because often the person who is doing it isn’t always a good judge.   Anything that looks unnatural is unattractive. With the advent of tanning salons, most women go for no tan lines. Do you know men like tan lines? The reason behind this is tan lines indicate they are seeing skin no one else has seen. Orange spray-on tans and huge hoop earrings got two thumbs down in an informal survey conducted on the streets of New York.

Hair Bumps

Thanks goodness these are fading with Jersey Shores popularity. One man described the bump as looking like a growth on the head. Men do not like elaborate hairstyles that prohibit touching the hair, or heavily teased or hair sprayed hair that might endanger their fingers.

Platform Shoes/Gladiator Sandals/Ugg Boots   

 It is difficult to buy shoes that don’t look like drag queen foot fashion.  Maybe it’s the drag queen thing. In truth, height issues bother men the most. Men want to be taller than the woman it’s ingrained in them.  The male might start dating a woman who isn’t emulating Lady Gaga. The funny thing is he won’t be able to tell you why he’s prefers her to his platform wearing former squeeze.

According to a Shine survey, men also disliked gladiator sandals and Ugg boots. The sandal looks too much like something a male warrior would wear. The popular Ugg boot’s crime is that it offers no toe cleavage and stinks upon removal.

Visible Lingerie

 Men, and women, will look at a scantily dressed person because of the shock and titillation factor, but it doesn’t mean that is someone they want to be seen with. I was in the science fiction section in the bookstore when a pretty woman bent over revealing a thong. The section was crowded with young men who looked, then talked about how trashy she was.

Men do like lingerie, but they want it to be just for them. If you’re showing off your lace cups and thongs strings, then you appear to be a tramp. Men want to believe they are special. They can’t feel special if everyone in Barnes and Nobles knows you’re wearing a purple thong.

Low Rider Pants/Thong Jeans/Yoga Jeans

Can you remember a particular unflattering fashion? Low rider pants gets my vote, and obviously many men’s too. Even an average-sized woman becomes a muffin top in low riders. The barely there pants have to be cinched tight to avoid slipping off when you bent over, sit down, reach for something, laugh, or even sweat.

Believe it or not, there are extreme low riders held up by a thong. I think exotic dancers would take a pass on these, obviously men have according to The Frisky. Men also dislike yoga jeans, which do not give the tight, smooth fit of yoga pants or the curve enhancing lift of jeans.

Unnatural Hair Color

                I think we might want to define what unnatural is. I see plenty of do it yourself blondes who don’t look anything close to natural. I am amazed at how good Katie Perry looks with blue or pink hair, but most of the male population doesn’t share my sentiment. Natural color is preferred over crazy colors, striped hair, even checkerboard hair.  Red hair is the most preferred hair color now, a natural-looking red, as opposed to neon.

Anything Neon (and Pink)

                Anything neon is hot, but men don’t embrace it according to a survey by The Frisky. If you’re wondering they don’t like the color pink either. It probably reminds them of their grandmother.

Short Hair

                Men like long hair because it plays up the differences between the sexes. Women can flirt with long hair in a way you can’t with short hair. Take a peek at any of the skin magazines and almost all the women have long hair because they are emphasizing female attributes obviously.  While I admire the courage it took for some women to get super short haircuts that work for them, most men don’t feel the same way. Of course, most of the women with buzz cuts don’t care what men think or want…just another reason men dislike short hair.

                This is a short list, which could go on much longer. If you’re wondering on a particular fashion or trend, stay as close to natural as you can tolerate if you want to attract single males. Men prefer less makeup, natural hair color, the female form, and unblemished skin. When in doubt, use the Rihanna example: anything she sports, don’t. Men overwhelming voted her as the worst dressed celebrity.

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