Monday, September 24, 2012


Ever been fixed up on a blind date? More women are asking relatives and friends to arrange a date. One reason is that it is hard to meet people on your own. When you’re in high school or college possible candidates surround you. As you mature and start your career, the possibilities get fewer and fewer.  Especially if you’re in a female dominated field like Darla, in my newest novel, Blind Date by Secret Cravings.  To celebrate the novel, which is releasing in October, I am holding a Blind Date contest, but the readers get to pick the winners.



1.       Tell about a blind date you’ve experienced. I will consider on-line dates because so much imagination goes into the profile that it might as well be a blind date. The date can be horrible, funny, or even sweet. Remember keep it clean because this is not an over 18 site. There are ways to make your point, without being vulgar.

2.       You post your short story in the comment section. Please give it a title to help people vote for it. Ex: The Twins Fiasco

3.       You can vote for yourself or someone else by going to and leaving your vote at the contact site.

4.       Voting will run until October 22, 2012.

5.       The winner will be announced on this site, and social media, plus my website. You can choose to make up a name if you wish, but I will need an email to contact you and send you your prize.


Grand Prize-Dinner for two at the Olive Garden PLUS a cultured Pearl necklace. (Retail Value $200)

1st prize- Your choice of Dark or Milk Chocolate Godiva Chocolate

2nd prize-two of my eBooks. You can visit my site to pick your choice. (

3rd place-a Copy of Blind Date

Every winner gets a copy of Blind Date.


  1. Thank you for your very useful article!

  2. This sounds like fun! Love contests, and your books seem very interesting.