Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fashion Trends Women Don't like

Do you wonder why this guy's face is blurred out? He is guilty of three things women don't like to see on men, or at least on men they'd want to date.

The below results are based are a number of polls conducted mainly on United States women, although a few Canadians and Brits slipped in too. Your woman may adore the way you dress. Then again she might be just saying that in a sarcastic tone, and you’re not getting it.

Mesh Shirts-this is not a shirt. It serves no purpose. Only male models look good in this, and only on the pages of a magazine.

Speedos- should only be worn by Olympic swimmers. They are the equivalent of a car wreck.  So horrible you have to look.

Short shorts-it just looks awkward. It is dated too. Looks like you should be on RENO 911.

Socks with sandals-it is the grandpa look. Most women don’t want to date their grandfather.

Too many logos—it is like walking beside a billboard.

Sideways ball cap-not cool, not adult, go head out to the playground and play with the other boys with their sideways caps on.

Baseball cap—this is okay at sporting events. golf, outside activities, but not inside. Never mind the hair, if you’re bald or have a receding hairline the woman has already figured it out. 

Sagging pants-refer back to sideways ball cap.

Murses/Fanny packs-fanny packs are not flattering on anyone. They just negate the masculine quotient of any man.

Skinny jeans—guys if you’re able to fit into skinny jeans you just have chicken legs, and a strange desire to look like your girlfriend.

The comb over-Does anyone actually think Donald Trump’s comb over look good? Now ask a woman what she thinks.

The Mullet- the mullet is one of those things that is ridiculed for a reason. It also causes people to stereotype you.

Pinky rings— Who wears them anyhow, besides pimps, lounge lizards, and men who considered themselves a player? No one else considers them players.

Sunglasses at night/sunglasses inside-maybe you think the sunglasses make you look cool, worn at the wrong time you just look foolish.

Age Inappropriate Clothes-A fortyish man sporting a wifebeater and ripped jeans just looks pathetic; however, the same man dressing in grandpa jeans and a comfy flannel shirt won’t earn him any extra looks either.

Too Long fingernails-only two reasons for long nails, failure to practice good hygiene or playing the classical guitar. Classical guitarist can sport long nails; they may have to explain why though.

Lack of personal hygiene-no one likes body odor, stringy hair or stained clothes. The woman who said she did was either drunk or sarcastic.

Stale cigarette smoke smell-even smokers are put off by it, although they should be somewhat immune to it.

High heels-okay you’re short. The woman knows it already. Forget the lifts and elevator shoes. The only exception to this is the cowboy or motorcycle boot with a moderate heel.

Thematic clothing-your date doesn’t want to been see with a man dressed like a Klingon unless you’re at a Star Trek convention.

Too tight clothing-did you have to inhale to zip up your pants? If you did, they are too tight. Tight t-shirts don’t really show off your pecs, they tend to show off your belly more, not an attractive look.

The unbuttoned shirt-this may be popular in advertisements and movies, but the sad truth is there are only about a dozen men who can rock this look.

Too much jewelry-it is okay to have a single necklace, a watch, a ring or two, but much more is crossing the line. Women will accept a hemp anklet better than they will accept a bracelet.

On your first date, try to be middle of the road. Once you get a feel for who she is then maybe you can break out the kilt or the caftan.

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