Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dating and Relationship Truths

Like this look? 86% of women surveyed didn't.

Please note these are statistics taken from the US, things may vary in different countries.

1.       76% women prefer men with dark hair. The least liked hair on men is red.

2.       Everyone can improve his or her dating or marital relationship by keeping the cellphone out of sight.

3.        71% of men will not allow their significant other to touch their cell phone. It makes you wonder.

4.       Men like women that eat. Picky eaters are a major turn-off.  38% of men asked think the sexiest thing a woman can order is steak.

5.       Men find dandruff a major turn-off on women. Ironically, the commercials show women put off by dandruff.

6.       Women were asked what they wanted to do before they turn thirty, and the number one answer was make a man cry. Women under thirty sound a bit mean spirited.

7.       50% of women say putting on perfume makes them feel special.

8.       Women will not pig out in front of men, but will in front of other women.

9.       10% of people who have sent a naked photo via phone have sent it to the wrong person.

10.   25% of us have a naked photo on our phone currently. It just might be someone we don’t know, though.

11.   67% of adults have posed for a nude photo. (Or at least the ones who answered the survey did.)

12.   33% find our smart phones more entertaining and fun than our significant other. It might be the naked photos. 

13.   Quickest date turnoff is having bad breath.

14.   When deciding if a first date is a go, the person’s laugh is more important than clothing. An obnoxious or forced laugh kills any potential for a second date.

15.   67% of women say they get turned on faster when a partner say loving, and flattering things about them as opposed to them giving them gifts or stripping down naked.

16.   78% women in a committed relationship dislike their partner leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

17.   Last year, over 300,000 men had Botox in the US.

18.   The number one thing a woman can do to drive a man away is to be needy or clingy.

19.   After Christmas holidays, 22%  of couples are not speaking to each other.

20.   The biggest breakup month is January. Is this a result of a New Year’s resolution or what?

21.   Only 4% of people actually wake up happy. If you live with one then you are very lucky.

22.   Recent survey shows the more money a man makes the more likely he is to cheat.

23.   More men are now getting their eyebrows waxed.

24.   The number one thing women like to borrow from their man is his car.

25.   Men think about food eighteen times a day. Maybe the stomach is the best way to a man’s heart.

26.   The unforgivable sin on a date according to 75% of women is forgetting their name. Obviously, 25% will forgive you.

27.   Are you easily embarrassed? If so, you have better relationship skills.

28.   Changing your perfume or cologne will help you get over a breakup quicker. It is like re-inventing yourself.

29.   Wardrobe Warning: 90% of women would not even consider dating a man who wore leather pants.

30.   Wardrobe Alert:  86% of women believe too short pants is a definite bad look.

31.   Most dater will wait 39 days before using a coupon in front of their partner. That is an average of over four weeks, possibly 4-12 dates.

32.   Guys wants a date to crush on you immediately? Scary women will. Consider this if your date is head over heels for you immediately.

33.   Men who want a stronger marriage should offer a foot massage twice a week.

34.   The number one reason not to date a guy is for revenge.

35.   35% of women still keep their ex’s number in the cell phone. The question is why.

36.   According to dating websites, the reason singles are still single is because they are too picky.

37.   Over 70% of women expect men to be able to change a tire to qualify as a real man.

38.   Only 20% of single adults consider physical attractiveness the most important element of chemistry.

39.   Date didn’t call back? 73% of people who don’t follow up with a second date is because they do not own a car. See, it really wasn’t you.

40.   Wink at a cute girl? 58% of women find this a major turn-off.

41.   According to Cosmo magazine survey, women don’t want to hear about their ex getting married.

42.   If a man could change one thing about his present mate? It would be her mood. Makes you wonder if you’re a moody chick?

43.   Men can be as vain as women because 95% of them have sucked in their stomach while talking to a woman.

44.   Sixty percent of women admit falling for a man with a funny one liner.

45.   Want to get noticed? Over 74% men admit to noticing women because of their hair.

46.   No second dates? 90% of both men and women refuse to date someone with an annoying voice.

47.   What impresses women more than expensive gifts? Making dinner reservations.

48.   The three top scents that are arousing to women include pumpkin pie, lavender, and cucumber. No wonder women like candle shops.

49.   Guys want to assure a goodnight kiss. Women tend to kiss men who smell good.

50.   Holding hands is what 70% of married women wished their husbands would do more.

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