Saturday, November 17, 2012

Things Men Find Unattractive

I will add a disclaimer that not all men find all ten things to be unattractive, but enough do to make it generalized list.

1.       The angry woman-she is constantly in a rant about something. No one can do anything to her satisfaction not the mail carrier, the server, and especially not her man.

2.       Bad hair- this surprises me, but why should it. Statistics list hair at 78% as the thing a man notices first. Unfortunately, your hair could prevent you from getting dates. I am a professional, but I am shocked how often my fellow female co-workers sport greasy, flat hair. They rationalize it is only work.  Datable men show up at work, and at the places you stop at on your way home too.

3.       Being too anxious for a man-, you know the woman she’s like an obsessed hunter. She might even change into her hooker dress at work to make it to happy hour at the local bars. The fact she is hanging out on a bar stool alone in her five inch heels giving the death stare to every pretty girl in the place says it all.

4.       Lack of personal grooming-Many men have gagged in the summer time when their date raised her arm only to reveal a hairy pit jungle. Other women choose not to shave their legs because it’s so much work, and men don’t notice. They do. In the United States, men expect a woman to be free of body hair, even down there too.

There is a scene in The Sex and the City movie where the girls fly to Mexico. They tease the redhead because she has hair coming out of her swimsuit. They imply no man would want to get close to that mess. Apparently, they were right.

5.       Clothes- women come in all different sizes and shapes, but there are clothes that will flatter each figure type. Sloppy, dirty, unkempt clothes were major offenders according to guys. Too tight clothes aren’t flattering either.  They just make you look fat, which probably wasn’t the plan. Don’t dress like a man, unless you are hoping to attract a woman. Pretty, feminine clothing that flatters your figure is always attractive.    
      6.       Unkempt hands and feet- there is a reason there is a nail salon on every block. 
              Yet, women still show up on dates, even weddings, with nasty nails.

7.       The Princess- she believes she is honoring the man by going out with him. She tells him what restaurant she wants to go to, theatre performances, flowers, etc. She expects everyone to bow and scape to her too. It is embarrassing to be seen with this woman because she is so hard on everyone, especially her date. These women think it is beneath them to stand in line at clubs. The princess announces her opinion to the public so they can have as high of opinion of her as she does.

8.       Cusses like a sailor- an occasional swear word might slip out of a woman’s mouth when tackled by a mugger or almost hit by a semi that’s to be expected.  The woman who has a larger collection of curse words than the average Marine, and isn’t afraid to use them is offensive. If a man wanted to hang with the guys, he could go to the sports bar to hear foul language. Keep in mind, a man might be shopping for a forever girl. A woman who keeps dropping the f-bomb is not a good prospect. I know it is a double standard, but I am giving you the man’s point of view.

9.       Promiscuity- this used to mean just flirting with other guys while dating someone else, not any more. These are women who will engage in flings with the Fed Ex man if they can, but still keep their regular guy on the side. There seems to be no age range on this either. An older co-worker had two men on the side, while she lived with the third. Men don’t like this. Think how you'd feel if you were part of a harem of women competing for one man’s attention?

10.   Posture-never in a million years, would I have picked this one, but think about it. Models and movie stars don’t stride around with slouched shoulders. Instead, their shoulders are back, and head up as they confidently stride into the room at least for public appearances. Standing up straight makes you look 5-10 pounds slimmer. I am able to lose my gut by standing up straight. Another reason to straighten up.

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