Sunday, August 11, 2013

Perfect Man Survey

What makes up the perfect man? Every woman has her own opinion.  According to the site survey, it’s all about money. The gentleman must make close to 100, 000 annually, drive a Mercedes and live in house priced in the 500,000 range. There is nothing said about his personality, looks or integrity.
Vanity Fair and Sixty Minutes teamed together and created a similar test for American women and here are the results.

  1. Sixty-nine percent of the women polled believe that a mother is responsible for making her son into a chivalrous gentleman. If you married a jerk, then technically it is his mother’s fault, according to the survey.
  2. When a man has a midlife crisis, women overwhelming blame him as opposed to biology or the cute intern at the office. 
  3. If they could marry a television character, women picked Dr. McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy.
  4. Temper is one thing that irritates women about their chosen mate. This ought to make him angry. It’s not too surprising since American men are only allowed to show two emotions: Anger and Happiness.
  5. What do most women believe a young man in his prime should be doing? It’s not chugging down beers or completing passes in the football game. The majority felt men should take the opportunity to be well educated.
  6. You meet a super great guy, but he has this one flaw that might cause you to pass on him. The number one complaint is drunkenness and drinking to become drunk. The second complaint is temper. No one wants an angry drunk. Acting scared or ill was another turn off. Horny came in dead last, which means there is still hope for some of the men.
  7. When asked when a man could judge if he’d been successful with his life the polled women split in a two-way tie that included age forty or when the man died.
  8. You’ve heard the statement, “Chivalry is dead.” Over 63% of the women disagreed with it. They still encounter men who behave like gentlemen, thanks to their mothers.
  9. Believe it or not, women still fall for cheesy pick-up lines with the number line being: Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.
  10. In the war of the sexes, women have always been their worst enemy. This is brought home by the final question that asked, “Who got Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden of Eden?” Women chose Eve. Of course, the answers were limited to Eve, Adam and Don’t know. There was no space for Free Will, Snake, or Predestination.

What have I discovered from this random poll? Women dislike angry drunks.  They’ll fall for a good looking doctor or an actor who plays one.  An attractive man with a decent pickup line can still get dates. Women in England value money over looks. They value cars, jobs and homes more too. Women tend to blame women for problems such as original sin and the lack of gentlemen in the world. When it comes to infidelity, they blame the man.

I am surprised that women didn’t claim that a man who could make her laugh could snare her heart. They must have asked that question in a different poll. What qualities do you think make up a perfect man?


  1. I'll refine the question to "What makes the perfect man for me?" ;-)

    So, in no particular order:
    1. Intelligence
    2. Sense of humor
    3. In control of himself and his finances
    4. Broad variety of interests ranging from the arts to the outdoors.
    5. Empathy
    6. Has dreams and the inner fortitude to chase them.
    7. Self-aware, confident of himself and his place in the world.
    8. Behaves like a gentleman and treats me like the lady that I am.
    9. Likes animals.
    10. Sees all of me and loves me anyway.

  2. When I met my partner 7 years ago, the qualities that most attracted me were his ability to make me think and to make me laugh. He's still doing both every day. Laughter is so important--I missed it for too many years before I met him.

  3. I do think laughter is a good thing, but the questions asked didn't hit on that ability.