Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Perfect Woman

The number one thing men say they want in a woman is a good mother.
 That's why they picked Penny as their perfect woman, yeah right.

Do you know what makes a perfect woman? It depends on what survey you read. According to a UK dating site, British men want a woman with blue eyes first, then long blond hair who occasionally wears glasses. I guess that allows her to whip them off when she wants to be sexy. Not too aggressive though because the men still want to be the bread earner and in charge.

Sixty Minutes and Vanity Fair conducted a poll asking similar questions, but gave a series of answers the respondents could pick to use.  Here are the results.
  1.     .   A good woman is hard to find, according to 57% of the respondents.
  2.    The overwhelming majority wanted a bold and experienced woman over sweet and demure.
  3.     Apparently, men were okay with a woman doctor, but they had issues with females peeking under the hood of their vehicle.
  4.     The most important quality for a woman to have was being a good mother. Isn’t it amazing we never catch men checking out a woman’s good mothering ability or their potential good mothering ability when at the beach? I have never seen this on a dating profile, either.
  5.     When given a list of television characters, the majority picked Penny from The Big Bang Theory, who also met the standards of the UK dating site. While blond, blue eyed, cheerful and a low wage earner and a tad promiscuous, there’s never any mention of her mothering skills. She resorts to drinking when confronted with normal problems, which results in having sex with men she wish she hadn't. I am still baffled about when the good mothering ability enters the picture.
  6.      Apparently, you could be the perfect woman, but if you suggest the wrong movie then you’re history. The wrong movie is Fatal Attraction. It would be odd if a woman suggested watching such an old movie. Makes you wonder why it would bother a man so much. The second movie turnoff would be Twilight. Not surprised by that one since it would indicate you are dating a teenager or a woman who likes to act as if she were a teen.
  7.      There seems to be a list of what perfect women cannot do. The overwhelming pick was smoking, followed closely by plastic surgery. Do men realize that most of these women they drool over have had work done? I think they are more afraid of footing the bill. Often results do not turn out as planned. Overeating and owning cats are turnoffs too.
  8.      If a man found the mythical perfect woman, 20% would chuck their faith in a heartbeat. Another 17% would abandon their friends. An amazing 15% would give up their career while an astounding 12% would shave 10 years off their life. This is all in theory. Besides, a perfect woman wouldn’t ask her sweetie to do any of these things.

The questions were a bit odd, which explains the answers. What would a perfect woman be like?

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