Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Date Mistakes

Dating Mistakes Guys Make
Most of us have several horror stories to tell about first dates. We may have even more stories of mediocre dates that didn’t rate a follow up 2nd date.
Here are some first date mistakes to avoid.
1.      Location of your date. Never plan a first date at your house. Booty call is written all over this. This also sets you up for the non-date. If he can come to your house, eat your food, and watch television, why bother with the expense of taking you out?
2.      Timing does matter. Setting your date late in the evening sends the wrong message too. As the evening gets longer, you get more relaxed. More often you’re tired and not on your best.
3.      Appearance matters. Be clean, attractive, and alluring. Don’t look like an escort. A man doesn’t want to be embarrassed to be seen with you. A woman should retain some mystery. Men, please do not wear your tennis shoes, ball cap, t-shirt or old jeans.
4.      No interview questions please. Some people come with a list of questions to ask.  Dates are nerve-wracking enough without being asked about your five-year plan or the ability to produce offspring.
5.      No attitude please. Remember you agreed to this date so act like it. Some women and men feel it is okay to act bored on the date. It is never okay. Be pleasant and smile. If you don’t want a second date, still wish your date the best when it’s over.
6.      No marriage plans on the first date. Sounds crazy, but some people are busy mentally naming their future children on the first date.
7.      No sex talk. Remember you want more than a one-night stand.
8.      Act confident, even if you don’t feel it. Most people want to talk about their insecurities on the first date just to get them out of the way. Never do this. As the relationship grows, you will reveal your short-comings naturally..
9.      No sex on the first date, unless you don’t want a second date. A man appreciates a woman he has to woo. She takes on more value the longer he dates her.
10.  No company. Some dating sites encourage inviting your friends along on a date for safety reasons. This will only make your date feel awkward.  If you are afraid to be with your date in a public place, this is someone you don’t need to be dating. 

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