Thursday, November 21, 2013

Let's Hear it for the Nerd

There are several types of guys you can date and possibly marry, from the Bad boy to the Momma’s boy. There’s the Older man who is like a father to you as he showers you with gifts. There’s Sporty guy who is always up for a marathon or bike race. There’s Slacker guy you can barely get off the couch. There’s Know It All guy, the less said about him the better. Then there’s Nerdy guy. Women are finally realizing what a gem he can be. This usually comes after divorcing Bad boy or Sporty guy.

1.       Sincerity is who the nerd is. He means what he says. His lack of smoothness means he really likes you as opposed to pulling out an old line he’s used on dozens of girls.
2.      He’s intelligent and a hard worker. In other words, he can hold down a good job. This is especially important to women who not only had to tolerate their ex’s job shifts, but supporting the ex through their own jobs.
3.       You are a VIP to him. Nerds actually have manners. Something any men seemed to have lost somewhere. He’ll plan the date, have conversation topics prepared, and will work hard to make sure you’re having a good time.
4.       He’s not stuck in a rut and is open to suggestions. This means you can go to the Thai restaurant you've heard so much about or spend the evening at the casino.
5.       He’s a gentleman. The nerd would prefer a relationship over a one-night stand. This is who they are. It doesn’t mean you won’t run across one who took one of those pickup artist classes, but he’s easy to set back on the gentleman path.
6.       He’s Tech-savvy. It is so much nicer having your own IT guy to go to when you delete an important document. Unlike the guy on the other end of the phone when you call for tech assistance, this man has a driving need to help you. He wants to make you happy.
7.       He’s funny. Not in the funny to make fun of way. Most nerds are unable to take themselves seriously, which results in the ability to laugh at themselves, and life, in general. He may have a quirky sense of humor that spots the absurd everywhere.
8.       He keeps good company. No worries when he’s hanging with the boys. You won’t have to scour up bail money to free your nerdy love.
9.       They are excellent gift givers. They see it as a project and nerds are great at projects.
10.   You can be yourself. Remember those exhausting men where you had to be what they needed you to be? Sometimes it was a hostess, other times arm candy, often an administrative system, the list goes on and on. As for the nerd, he’s happy to let you just be you. J That’s a rare man indeed.
Never overlook the nervous geeky guy. He’s anxious because he wants to make a good impression. He may make a verbal stumble now and then because he hasn’t dated a hundred women.  Your opinion matters to him. He wants to make you happy. Did you have that with your last bad boy or couch potato boyfriend? That’s what I thought.

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