Thursday, November 28, 2013

Define Cheating

Most women emphatically exclaim they won’t tolerate cheating, but then go on to engage in behaviors that look like cheating to others. Women will rationalize cheating if they want to do it. I am sure men do this too, but I‘ve never heard their excuses. Some women think it is perfectly okay to dine with a male friend while their husband or boyfriend is out of town. Others consider it not cheating as long as they stop short of intercourse. Really?

The Cheating Ladder
1.       Would your partner consider it cheating? Are you dressing up for the new guy in the office who always comments on your legs? Are you lunching with an old lover? Think how would you feel if your man did the same thing.

2.       Have you suddenly become secretive? Have you changed the password on your Facebook or  phone, so that you’re the only one who can log in? What’s up with that?

3.       Are you fantasying about the next step? You’ve glammed up for the new guy at work and you're sending each other flirty texts. What’s next?

4.       Do you wait to share tidbits of information with your ‘new’ friend because only he will understand it? Do you long to be together when you’re not?

5.       How would you feel if your sweetheart did the same thing? It’s not unusual for people to find an attached person attractive. It’s how they react to that attraction is what matters.

6.       What’s behind all this secretive behavior and flirty texts? Why bother? Unless you think you can keep both guys.

Both men and women rationalize cheating behavior by saying things aren’t as hot at home as they used to be. Of course, they aren’t when you’re taking all your best moves and flirting elsewhere. Flirt with the person who actually cares about you.

Think you can juggle the guy at work and the one at home?  Sooner or later, you’ll be the one who’s all alone.

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