Sunday, August 3, 2014

He's not into You Checklist

Are you wasting time on a man who just isn’t interested? Flashback to high school: A boy spoke to you in class or the hallway and an entire scenario evolved where he was crushing on you. Of course, if this was someone you didn’t secretly like, your perception would have been very different.

Now, you’re an adult and you don’t play those mind games with yourself, or do you? Maybe you’ve been out on a date or just ‘hung out’ with a guy that you liked. I hope that you haven’t changed your status on social media already. Maybe you’ve confided to your best friend about the wonder of your new man. Your friend has the nerve to question your man’s intentions.
Instead of calling her jealous or mean, go over this checklist first.  

He’s not into You Checklist
1.       He doesn’t ask questions about you or your life. People date to find out about other people. They’re trying to see if the person would make a good companion or spouse. If he’s not asking questions, then he’s not interested in seeing you on a permanent basis.

2.       He disappears off your radar screen. You don’t hear from him for days, then he texts you with a sweet note about seeing each other. He brushes his missing in action behavior away as work or being too busy, but he thought of you though. Seriously, do you ignore someone you care about for days at a time?

3.       Many times a first date is almost like a PR opportunity where the man explains all the things that are great about him. All the reasons you might want to date him. A man who’s not into you guards his information. He doesn’t want you to know  where he works, lives, or friends. An overly needy woman might track him down.

4.       He waits too long to make the next date. Most men try to set up the second date on the first date. They will at least hint at it. A man who doesn’t call immediately isn’t interested. Men are well aware that a desirable single woman isn’t on the market long and make a diligent effort to secure a follow-up date if interested.

5.       It’s almost impossible to tell if he’s interested in you. Remember, men are a competitive species. They are the hunter. His goal, if interested, is to secure your affections and keep other men away. He wants people to know the two of you are attached. If you keep wondering if he’s interested in you, then you answered your own question.

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