Saturday, October 18, 2014

Can You Be The Perfect Woman?

Is This The Perfect Woman?

Buzzfeed made up an episode about the contradictory information men give on what makes up a perfect woman.  Here’s the video, which sounds a great deal like the Internet sites that promise to make you irresistible to men for 39.99.

A cute girl featured in the video is going to take the advice of average men.
1.       Men love women who look natural. Who hasn’t heard this one? Of course, they describe women made up as more attractive. No wonder the girl puts on more lipstick.

2.       She’s told to be flirty. Apparently, there’s a line between appropriate flirty and too much.

3.       Women are supposed to hang with the guys, act like guy friends, but not have guy friends.
(I don’t understand it either.)

4.       Men like women with a healthy appetite, but then they’re grossed out if you eat too much. Who defines what is too much? Some women aren’t even eating on dates, afraid they might cross that secret line.

5.       Be funny, but don’t act funny. (This assumes men and women find the same things funny. The girl doing impressions could be several women I know.)

6.       Laugh at his jokes, no matter how lame or dysfunctional. (Of course, this means you’ll have to do this as long as the two of you are connected. Scary.)

7.       Seem smart (Notice they didn’t say be smart.) Never act smarter than the guy. (Seriously, well this is a man’s version of a perfect woman.)

8.       She’s told to relax and be herself at the start of the video. By the end of the video, you realize there’s nothing real about her.

For all her jumping through hoops, she’s still rejected by an average guy. Has this ever happened to you? You did everything you thought would make someone happy and he still left you. Women who’ve undergone plastic surgery for demanding husbands are left more often than women who do nothing.

Over half of the United States adult population is single. With that in mind, probably someone’ll see you as perfect just the way you are.    

Can't wait to see their video about the perfect man.

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