Monday, April 9, 2012

Are You A Drama Queen?

Are you a drama queen? If you are, then you are one of the top things men hate about dating and women, in general. Oh no, you’re not a drama queen you rationalize, not like those annoying girls you went to high school, college, or even currently work with. I guess that depends on what you think a drama queen is. Men rate the drama on five factors.


Are you late for everything? The lack of promptness factor on the psychological level is an extreme demand for attention. You’re never ready when he comes to pick you up or you fail to meet him at the appointed time. I am not talking about being five or ten minutes late now and then, or even calling to say you’re running late. The woman who's consistently late causing the man to cool his heels, and often miss out on reservations, opening credits of a movie, or being seated in the balcony during a live performance due to being tardy. This constant lateness is a sign of a diva who wants to makes an entrance. Newsflash: no one cares if you make a late entrance. Your date does, but not for long since he’ll be dropping you soon.


Overreaction is the second aspect to being a drama queen that drive men crazy, and not in a good way. This can range from complaining about the weather to the movie starting without you. Most of these things cannot be changed by acting put out and pouting like Daddy’s spoiled little girl. Remember your date is not Daddy; even Daddy gets tired of his little princess’s tantrums. I’ve seen women go into a major meltdown in public over a broken nail. This does not impress your date. A man likes a woman who can roll with the punches.


The third factor involves your man. If any of you remembered seeing TEN WAYS TO LOSE A GUY, the heroine is cozied up to her date watching a movie and she immediately questions what he’s thinking about. He replied that he’s watching the movie; therefore, he’s thinking about nothing. She then goes on to tell him that he’s thinking about his old girlfriend to his surprise. Of course, we know she’s doing this type of behavior to try to lose the guy. The behavior of the woman interpreting what the man is thinking (she reacts to his perceived thoughts or actions) is common.


This behavior coupled with the hot and cold attitude is a relationship killer too. That’s when a woman is crazy about a guy one day, but the next she refuses his phone calls. I realize some dating manuals advise this type of behavior to make a man think you’re a sought after commodity. In truth, they tend to think of you as a drama queen and not really worth the trouble.


Being mean to others is not appealing in either men or women, but the drama queen loves to employ this technique to get more attention. She’s always onstage performing, even if it is only for herself. One episode of Hell Date featured mean girl extraordinaire. She insulted everyone from the doorman to the coat check girl. She also sent her expensive meal back several times, even demanding to see the chef to complain. Her date was mortified and apologized profusely to everyone she insulted. When the little person appeared dressed as a devil, her date was obviously relieved. The sad thing was even though his date’s behavior was just an act, for most drama queens being mean to the help is the real deal.


Drama queens invent drama. They retell stories to make themselves the victim. They aren’t above inventing tales to tantalize their dates, even using illnesses, real or otherwise for attention. This is such a mistake because men dislike dealing with sickness of any kind. Eventually the date figures out he’s been sold a bill of goods and wonders if anything she says is true. The woman spends so much time making herself sound interesting that she has little time to spend on her date. I bet you’ve gone out with men like that before. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience, was it?


So think about it for a moment. Men crave calm, not drama. A survey solicited this information from men of different backgrounds and age groups. The most notable constant among all of them was that they were single; which means you might go out with one of them. Yes, they are judging you if you’re on time, if you over react to little things, put words in their mouths, go all hot and cold, and if you’re mean to the help. You are judging them too. It helps to know some of the things that are on the drama queen checklist to decide if you might be guilty of one or two.

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