Monday, April 23, 2012

Romance Killers

Romance killers are not who you might think they are. Most of you think bad breath, body odor, and smelly feet are the culprits, but they can be overlooked if a man is really trying to romance you. What kills romance is opinions of people that have absolutely no investment in your happiness. They don’t care about your well-being or happiness, so why do we listen to them? Better yet, who are they?

A good example of this is a so-called expert for Fox and Friends, is Dr. Keith Ablow, who believes he has some right to pass off his negative, biased opinions as actual factual information. After viewing several creative videos of young men asking girls to the prom, he called the high school seniors, losers, and potential drug users. Excuse me, did he miss the fact that imagination, romantic effort, and hours of work went into these videos. With one blast of hot air, he has doomed many young girls to not be asked out in a thoughtful manner. Either their parents or the parents of the young man will discourage such behavior since they don’t want their child ridiculed by a so-called expert. Give me a break, he works with criminals. It is right up there with measuring everyone’s sexuality with Masters and Johnsons research which was conducted on prison inmates. Why did anyone accept this research, when the majority of the population has never been a prisoner? Because they were experts, I suppose.

There are relationship experts aplenty that will tell men and women both that a man who tries to woo a woman is trying too hard. He is not thinking of her as an equal, but rather putting her on a pedestal. You don’t see men open car doors much for women because it hasn’t been modeled for them, and the feminist agenda nipped it in the bed. Supposedly women ran around opening up their own doors and acting offended if a man dared tried. Women no longer expect to be treated well. Women wanted to split the check because they made as much as the man. The man no longer has the opportunity to be chivalrous, even if he wanted to do so.

A husband or boyfriend who whisks his honey off for a romantic weekend or a carriage ride is scolded for wasting money. A co-worker told me a story about her mother-in-law that she fussed at her husband for buying her flowers when they had so little money. He never ever bought her flowers again. Women often kill the very romantic efforts they want. A woman might complain her husband never buys her anything for her birthday, but she ridiculed his last four presents. People get tired of doing things that don't pay dividends.

 If men are romantic and thoughtful, what horrible thing happens? My uncle adored my aunt from the time he first saw her in grade school. After sixty-eight years of marriage he was devastated when she died. They had an old school relationship. He thought she hung the moon, and she let him think that. He opened car doors for her, and squired her around on his arm. He often surprised her with flowers and gifts just because she was his sweetheart. Now she could have told him he was wasting his money, but she never did. She appreciated being appreciated. She liked being special.

I am willing to bet if they had video cameras back in their day, my uncle would have made a video asking her to prom. I am almost sure of it. My aunt would have been tickled pink and talked about it to all her girlfriends. For one shining moment, she was more special than anyone else. Dr. Keith Ablow, you didn’t get it at all; probably because you never made a grand romantic gesture in your life.

  People who want to be romantic should be able to do so without ridicule. Perhaps they need to become a new protected subgroup. You’d think they were a threat because so much hate is directed toward them. In a way I guess they are because they made the other guys look like, dare I say it, losers.

Give me a romantic anyday, you can keep your so called experts, and their romance killing ways.

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