Thursday, December 26, 2013

How Men Manipulate Women

Truthfully men don’t play as many games as women do as far as manipulation, but the ones they do use work.

1.                      They point out the woman’s flaws - The remarks can be subtle, such as comments about clothes being too tight or hair being messy.
2.                      They make remarks about other women’s attributes - This has a three-fold purpose including jealousy, meanness, and hoping to motivate you to look more like the woman in question.
3.                      The man will blow hot and cold similar to a hormonal teen - This is deliberate manipulation on his part. You suggest a movie or restaurant you’d like to go to. At first, he appears cool with the idea, but then he begins to point out reasons why it wouldn’t be a good deal. The cool part is the real him. His behavior is to make you decide not to go to the desired place. The choice is yours, but it really isn’t. Most women will cave to make their guy happy.
4.                      He stops courting you - Here you thought everything was going fine and he has disappeared off the radar. Truth is he’s re-evaluating the relationship. He might think things are going too fast.  A needy woman will call, text, and message at this time, confirming the man’s original doubts.
5.                      He’ll claim he doesn’t get enough personal time in the relationship - It is usually the excuse men go to when they feel smothered in a relationship. It is rather a nebulous thing that’s hard to pin down if your man gets enough time. If you feel like you’re in a non-relationship, then he’s getting more than enough time.
6.                      He refuses to tell you where he’s been.
7.                      He pretends to care about a woman to get laid. (Bet this one was a shocker.)
8.                      Spontaneity or the just thinking of you excuse - This is what they call it when they show up at two in the morning for a booty call. This is also when they call an hour before an event. What this really translates to is someone else cancelled on them.
9.                      The Substitute - This is where you think you’re in a relationship, but the guy is waiting for the real thing to come along. You’re not it. How do you know you’re a substitute? He never posts on social media he’s in a relationship. He’s never introduced you to his friends or family.
10.                  The break-up game - This includes breaking up around the time things occur he doesn’t want to deal with, from holidays to weddings. While most couples will break up once, if you’ve encountered several break-ups, then it’s time to get a clue.

I imagine there are more games, but these are the most common. You can refuse to play along with his games. If you want to go somewhere and he doesn’t, go alone or call up a friend. This immediately takes the burden off of him to accompany you. Some women might complain that it allows the man to escape from social obligations. Maybe, but wouldn’t you rather have a good time as opposed to listen to him carp?

People don’t always have to like the same things. It’s okay to disagree and do things on your own too. It’s when you find yourself doing everything on your own or enjoying it more when your guy isn’t around that you might want to re-evaluate the relationship.

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