Friday, June 27, 2014

Failed Relationships Can Work in Your Favor

Who hasn’t had a friend quote to them, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” after a breakup. Lord Tennyson penned those memorable lines after a death of a close friend. Even though his grief was intense, he was still grateful for the experience.

It turns out those relationships that didn’t stand the test of time may make a person more desirable. A recent survey pointed out that when looking for a potential date or even mate, women prefer men who’ve had previous relationships. All those relatives or friends who cast aspersions because a relationship didn’t last were unaware that by having a relationship a man proves he’s date-worthy.

Women prefer a man that other women married or were in a relationship with. Ironically, this is the same in nature too. The female primate prefers the male that other females mated with.  It isn’t too surprising that a man in a relationship is appealing because he’s already passed another woman’s approval.

The man who’s never had a solid relationship is a risk that most women are not willing to undertake. Being divorced and ready to try again can be a good characteristic on a dating profile, but there’s a fine line. Most women will accept two failed relationships within a four-year period. More than two doesn’t sound like a much of a relationship but more like a serial dater.

Five or more within a four-year period scares most women away. Consider the time it takes to develop a relationship. It means the man drifts from one woman to the next without any down time to grieve or even consider his actions.  Such behavior signals the inability to be alone. It is a bright red flag waving in the wind, signaling that five women found the man unsatisfactory.

Why is two the magic number?  It demonstrates the man has enough good traits to interest women. The fact he’s only had two relationships within a four year timeframe demonstrates he’s made an effort to maintain the relationship. He valued the relationship and the women.

The man who’s had one relationship might be a fluke. The one who has two isn’t. It is another new characteristic in building the profile of an attractive, datable male. First, being a homeowner is a big deal. Then an excellent credit score improves a man’s attractiveness.  Now, a man who has loved and lost is actually a proven catch.

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