Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Male Dating Profile Photos to Delete ASAP

This is an actual Dating Profile Pic
A woman in an outdated hairstyle or clothing more reminiscent of something your mother wore is a real turn off. In you ever saw the movie, Must Love Dogs; you’ll remember the helpful sister put the forty-ish main character’s college graduation photo as a profile shot, another mistake. Sometimes the dating profile stumbles are different for men.

1.       The Abs Shot- sure it’s great you have abs, but watch out for the conclusions women might draw. One is that you’re a body-obsessed weightlifter. The other is you imagine your potential dates to be superficial. There is a third option, especially, if there is no head, is that you used someone else’s abs. With Photo Shop, you can even keep the head on.

2.       The Car Shot- you may love your car, but probably don’t want to use it in a photo. It implies your car is very important that some women find this off-putting. Women who define men by the car they drive could possible discount you before you even meet.

3.       You, Your Laptop, and the Messy Room- this snapshot is wrong on so many levels. First, it tells potential dates you’re a slob, little more than an adolescent no matter what your age is. It also shows you didn’t care enough to tidy one corner of the room for the pic. Finally, the laptop, even though we all use them, conjures up the image of a lonely misfit scrolling through chat rooms and porn sites.  
Messy Room, No Laptop, but Still Weird

4.     The barefoot shot- a recent survey conducted in the UK and South Africa revealed that the humble foot is a turn-off. I’m not too surprised since most men fail to keep up their foot grooming.

5.     The Too Good Photo- I know you went somewhere your friend suggested. Were spiffed up and had a little work done, the Photo Shop kind for an amazing shot. Problem is you’ll never look like that in real life. Plenty of women shoot themselves in the foot with Glamour shots; don’t fall into the same hole.

6.      The Other Woman pictures- It might be Vegas showgirls, co-workers, Hooter girls, or even your sister. All your potential date sees is another woman at your side and there is no room for her. Some men put old wedding photo thinking a photo is better than no photo. In this case, it isn’t.

7.       The Drunk or Drinking Photo- You know if you were drunk in the picture. If your smile looks off kilter or your leaning against the wall because you couldn’t stand on your own, nix the photo, Same goes with the photos of you and the giant margarita or carrying a half dozen beers, it only makes you look like an alcoholic as opposed to a social drinker.

8.     The Baby Prop- If you don’t have a baby, don't use one. Some men mistakenly think it makes them look attractive rather like posing with a puppy. Not so, the woman sees a man trolling for a mother or grandmother. However, the puppy works.

9.     The Mr. Adventure Photo- This is where you might have done something once and took a photo. The photo of you climbing into a racecar at the Epcot test track or standing by a hot air balloon implies this is something you normally do. What you thought would be a cool photo turns off women afraid of heights or irritated by NASCAR. Ironically, you were never that into either.

10.  The Miscellaneous Photo- While dating, I would sometimes pull up profiles crowded with photos. My first thought was the man had a great self-image to load so many pics until I found out they were miscellaneous shots of leaves, water, sunsets and other odd things. At first, I thought it was a chance to showcase photography skills, but I wasn’t looking for a photographer. In retrospect, I realize he could have easily downloaded the images from various sites. In the end, it told me nothing about him. It was a waste of time.

11.   The Selfie is the worst offender. Especially if taken with a flash in the bathroom mirror with a messy background too. It tells potential dates that you have no friends or even co-workers willingly to take a snapshot. There is the creep element to it too. Why are you in the bathroom taking selfies? Who do you not want to know?

Eharmony actually advises people to post adventure shots to look interesting. Warning: if you've only done it once and didn't like it, or do not plan on doing it again, don't post it. This lovely picture could snag avid hikers or turn off women who avoid the outdoors like the plague.

What photos cause you to delete a profile?


  1. Thanks. Believe it or not, I left off some of the annoying pictures. One man complained that it left him with nothing to post.

    1. I have been on some dating websites myself in my days and learned the hard way that some things sadly cannot be un-seen ;-)

      The post made my day. Thanks again! :-)