Monday, March 25, 2013

Guys You'll Want to Overlook on Purpose

This guy on the left is probably an obvious do not date fellow, but not all are that easy to spot.

Sometimes after an excruciating horrible date, you might wonder was it me, or him.  See if you recognize any of your former dates.

1.       The Pig - He decides to share a pizza with you, but eats it all on his own. He also eats off your plate without your permission.

2.       The Family Date - This is where an individual tries to date members of the same family. You probably don’t know this until he calls you by your sister’s name.

3.       The Non-Talker - A person who answers questions with one word or maybe doesn’t answer at all. You can see why this won’t work.

4.       The Underachiever - This man brags about flunking out of school, outsmarting the law, and other delights that make you cringe in horror.

5.       The Evangelist - This man hopes to convert you to his religion as opposed to a second date.

6.       The Audition - This happens when your date in an actor or comedian and decides a date is a good time to run material.

7.       The Dare Date - This date seems like a two hour long game of truth or dare where your date either dares you or himself to chug a yard of beer or swallow a dollop of wasabi.

8.       My Life is Crap date - This man tells you his specific tale of woe including excerpts featuring his ex.

9.       The Drunk Date - Of course, you didn’t know he was a drinker until you went out. He’s not getting better.

10.   Dinner and Drinks without the Dinner - This man asks you to dinner, starts with drinks, but decides somewhere you don’t merit dinner.

11.   The Professor - Your college professor seems appealing because he is in a position of authority. Often, many use that position to fool around with the students.

12.   Biker Guy - Unless you are a biker girl then a biker guy isn’t for you. This is different from a guy who owns a motorcycle and rides it on nice days.

13.   The Heavily Chaperoned Dates With Parents - Are you two part of arranged marriage planning?

14.   No Cash Guy - he makes the date and forgets his wallet. Did you forget your wallet? I bet you didn’t.

15.   The Body Odor Fellow - Did you meet him after a tennis match? If not, realize hygiene isn’t a priority for him.

16.   The Stalker Date - This is the man you went out with once, but you didn’t click. However, that doesn’t stop him from showing up at your job or home. (This is why women should initially meet their date in a public venue as opposed to having him come to the house.)

17.   The Crying Male - Women say they want sensitive men, but men crying buckets at movies does not impress.

18.   The Opposite Fellow - This man stands for everything you’re not. He sounds interesting at first, but doesn’t work out.

19.   The Involved Man - This is man already has a wife, fiancĂ©e or sweetheart.

20.   The Frat Boy - The issue is his college days are far behind him, but he still acts as if he’s auditioning for a remake of Animal House.

21.   The Rude or Angry Man - He takes offense with everyone, drives aggressively, picks fights with strangers and the wait staff. Find another way to get home.

22.   Fantasy Role Player - This is a man who thinks he’s a vampire, gladiator, or another mythical creature. He takes his role playing  very seriously.

23.   The Popular Man - He seems to have women commenting all the time on his social media. He also takes texts from other women while you are out.

24.   Still Lives At Home Man - This is wrong on so many levels. He isn’t ready for a relationship despite his age.

25.   The Plate Splitter - This is the man who wants to order one plate, and then split it. This might be okay in established relationships, but not a first date.


Even though this list features guys you don’t want to date, plenty of women have the same bad habits. Everyone has a dating story that features a bad date. Some of these fellows starred in the tales.


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