Monday, April 1, 2013

Lies You Should Avoid on Your Profile

Over 75% of people lie on their profile to make themselves sound more attractive. Some lies will only cause you grief as opposed to getting you a second date.

1.       Lying about your height is a big one - Sure, some women only want to date taller men. Then there are men who only want to date shorter women.

2.       Marital status is the biggest lie - If separated, but going through divorce, admit it. It will cut out the people who do not want to date a separated individual.

3.       Saying you want a long-term relationship, when you don’t - Often men, and sometimes women, make up excuses about getting back with an ex to keep a relationship from becoming too serious. Be up front with your intentions and you should find someone like-minded.

4.       Photo lies - Please use recent photos, both close-ups and full lengths.

5.       Most people inflate their salaries - Be honest, there are people definitely looking for a meal ticket, so why pretend to be it. Then again, why mention it.

6.       Pretending to be Bi - Some women thinks this makes them sound hot. What they get are guys who expect them to be bi-sexual when they are not.

7.       No Kids lie - This works two ways. You pretend you don’t have kids when you do, or you have no interest in having kids when you do.

8.       Pretending not to smoke or drink - How long is this going to last, especially if you hit it off.

9.       Your geographical location is sometimes a lie - I caution women never to give specifics for the sole reason of remaining safe. Often people state they live in high profile places when they don’t.

10.   The love of animals when one doesn’t - Why lie to attract a dog lover, when he or she does come with a dog.

11.   Pretending to like sports when you don’t - You might find yourself scaling a cliff when you are deathly afraid of heights because of your profile lie.

12.   Ivy League education pretense - Most people don’t care where your degree came from. Those who do can easily check out if you went to Harvard.

13.   My faith is everything - People pretend to have deep religious beliefs to pick up good girls or guys. Keep in mind, you will never be first in their life.

14.   Languages and the ability to speak several feels safe until your date tries to speak to you in a foreign language.

15.   Saying you aren’t interested in physical appearance when you are - You can emphasize you are an avid athlete and are looking for like-minded person if looking for a lean body type.

16.   You’re a fan of the arts - The problem is your date will want to go to the opera, symphony, and ballet.

  There are probably more, but these seem to be the major ones put in profiles to attract dissimilar people. By lying, you waste both your time. Sadly, you probably decrease your chance of meeting someone you would connect with by lying about who you really are.


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